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Peace of mind has no price tag.  Nor, should it be exploited.

Being involved in litigation, or the threat of litigation, is daunting. Rest assured that our experienced, local and affordable legal team is on your side every step of the way. 

There is no blueprint to hiring a lawyer. If you, or a loved one, face the task of retaining a lawyer for a civil dispute, a car accident or setting up a new business, feel confident that the legal team at Eberhardt Law Group will have your best interests at heart. With over three decades of experience, no dispute is too complex, and no matter too small. We treat our clients as people, with real problems, not as a means to pay our bills.

No hidden fees, no long hours waiting for a return call from an overworked paralegal, and most importantly, no fear of being overmatched against a well-funded adversary.

Put an end to the anxiety.  

Call now for a free consultation.     


Civil Litigation

If it comes time for you to file a lawsuit, defend against claims made against you, or make a claim for damages against a third party, the lawyers at Eberhardt Law Group will vigorusly pursue your matter. 

Baseball stadium

Baseball Representation

With over ten years experience as a certified MLB agent, Eberhardt Law Group has the knowledge and experience to advise amateur baseball players in the pursuit of their dream. Do not let inexperienced "agents" take the place of a seasoned attorney.

Car accident

Car Accident 

Insurance companies make millions of dollars each year by short-changing injured people who fail to hire a lawyer. Do not speak to a representative from the insruance carrier without first talking to us.  The call is free.

Wall Street

Business Incorporation

When it is time to turn that hobby into a business, turn to our lawyers to form a corporation, or LLC.  The paperwork is daunting.  Your efforts would be better served promoting the business, not waiting in line at the Secretary of State's Office.


Ecos Laboratories               GBG Baseball                          Chronic Tacos Enterprises, Inc.       Powers Realty

A.V. Roofing, Inc.                 Knitec, Inc.                             Chronic Tacos Irvine, Inc.                   E.C. Precision

MMA      Bone & Marrow, Inc.         Assault Skateboards                              Reidt Fitness. Inc.

Altus Recruiting                  SoCal Toy Shack, Inc.        Hambones BBQ                                         Newporter Apts.  

Attorney Eberhardt with clients

I needed a lawyer who was not afraid to go to trial.  I was being sued for several hundred thousand dollars.  In the end we went to trial and now I am owed money by the other side.  Chad delivered on all his promises.- Thomas P.

I had nowhere to turn and was facing a costly civil trial. Chad Eberhardt was more concerned with my well-being than he was about getting paid.  We went to trial and I was happy with the result. Thanks Chad. -Mike M. 

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