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$995 California Incorporation or LLC Formation

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California Incorporation

California corporations come in all shapes and sizes and can take the form of closely held corporations to those being groomed to be bought out by large investors. Most corporations in California are filed as Subchapter "S" corporations.  In some cases, the type of corporation you form is restricted based upon the industry of your business. And in other cases, you might switch from an "S" corporation to a Subchapter "C" corporation.  Either way, and no matter how complex the business structure, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to ensure that all of the proper steps to California corporate formation are completed.

LLC Formation

Sometimes it will be preferable to utilize the laws and regulations for LLC business entities over those governing corporations. Whether you are forming a single-member LLC, or one with several members (owners), the attorneys at Eberhardt Law Group will advise you every step of the way. Call now to turn that hobby into a business.

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Colleagues Going Over Plans
Colleagues Going Over Plans

Partnership Agreements and Oversight

All too often new business owners seek to cut corners and hire non-attorneys to form the new business.  This can save a few dollars at the outset, but if the partners of the business do not clearly spell out the rights, duties and obligations of each business owner, the money spent in litigation can quickly outnumber the money saved with the non-lawyer incorporator.  At Eberhardt Law Group each new business will be provided a clear and concise cost estimate for the drafting of a plain language and concise Partnership/Operating Agreement.  Additionally, a responsible "agent" for service must be identified by each new business.  Having a lawyer listed as the "agent" for service is very helpful.  When budgeting for the corporate formation it is always wise to set aside funds for all phases of the corporate birth, not just the formation. 

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